Parkway Development Incorporated

Tuscany Place

Tuscany Place will be the heart and soul of Galleria. This 60-acre area location, with it's magnificent Old World European influence, will encompass a shopping, dining and entertainment complex that is reminiscent of an Old World European town square.

The town square will feature a perfect blend of dining and gathering areas, quaint boutiques, specialty stores and gourmet shops that will provide a one of a kind shopping, entertainment, dining and living experience. Convenient parking will be provided to make the area easily accessible.

The ambience of Tuscany Place will provide a wonderful environment with activities that can truly be enjoyed by all. The unique setting was designed to provide an extraordinary shopping experience in a location where you can live life the way it should be lived.

Where great shopping happens

Galleria can be seen from I-55 with excellent six lane frontages to the west and east, and turnarounds at each end designed for easy flowing traffic. The residents of Galleria, as well as the large number of workers who will be located throughout the development, will provide an excellent base of customers for this true corridor of commerce.

The philosophy behind a Galleria shopping experience is that it should be enjoyed, and it should enhance your lifestyle. At Galleria, we have something for every need, and at every price point.

Tuscany Place at Galleria

Tuscany Place, an 60–acre Lifestyle Center will feature an array of leading large retailers, restaurants, quaint boutiques, specialty stores, bistros and gourmet shops all nestled in two Old World European town square locations surrounded by large retail establishments. The shopping/specialty center will be a center of activity from morning to night, and will have something for everyone to enjoy. Tuscany Place at Galleria, a premier Old World European inspired shopping destination that features exquisite retail offerings, and a one of a kind shopping experience.